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SAPGA meeting

The following research, reports, legislation and other materials have been collected by the planning group as it examines the impact of the shifting aging demographic on several facets of our society including the economy, workforce, transportation and infrastructure, businesses, and market-based products and services.  Other areas impacted by a growing aging population include state and local revenue, budgets and fiscal policies, Medicaid and other safety-net programs, family caregiving, and public and private options for long-term care, services and support.  The documents and information provided below are offered to the public and researchers as the planning group and others work to develop a comprehensive aging strategy for the state of Colorado. 








Literature review

Colorado Commissions and Reports, April 2016

Other State Reports, April 2016

Colorado Legislation, April 2016

Federal Legislation, April 2016

Miscellaneous Reports, April 2016

Aging Acronyms, April 2016

By Topic Area
Action Plan Research Reports

Caregiving Report

Housing Report

Supportive Community Report

Transportation Report

Finance Report

Long-Term Services and Supports

Conversations on Aging: Coloradan's Identify Gaps, Needs, and Hopes for an Aging Population


State Plan on Aging 2020-2023, Greg Smith and Laura Miller, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, July 2019

Colorado and Age-Friendly Public Health, Dr. Gabriel Kaplan, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, July 2019

Age-Friendly Communities: Larimer County, Jim Becker, Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities, July 2019

Accountable Health Communities, AJ Diamantopoulos, Denver Regional Council of Governments, July 2019

Aging with Alzheimer\'s and Other Dementias, Coral Cosway and Danelle Hubbard, Alzheimer\'s Association, June 2019

Tailored Care (TCARE), Ali Ahmadi, May 2019

Seniors\' Resource Center, Heather Brozek, May 2019

Healthy Aging and Promising Practices, Andrea Kuwik, Bell Policy Center, April2019

Long Term Care Cost Study, Colorado Health Institute, November 2018

Senior Property Tax Exemption Materials, Prepared by Legislative Council Staff and Joint Budget Committee, September 2018

State Budget Overview: Aging-Related Programs and Services, Sam Zacher, Office of State Budget and Planning, April 2018

Employment Impact from Senior Spending in Colorado in 2014,The Department of Local Affairs, June 2017

Putting a Price on Caregiving, CHI, September 2016

Final Housing Report, The Highland Group, September 2016

Caregiving Memo, CHI

Caregiving Presentation, CHI

NCI-AD presentation, HCPF and CDHS

Presentation from Kelli Fritts, AARP

Boomer Bond presentation, May 2016

CMS Medicare presentation, April 2016

Colorado Medicaid and Older Adults, April 2016

Colorado Opportunities Project presentation, March 2016

Measuring Health in 65 and Older, Colorado Cross Agency Collaborative, 2016

Colorado Opportunities Framework document

Leeds presentation on aging in Colorado, February 2016

Newsletter and 1 page Handout from Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging

Respite Care Task Force presentation, CDHS, February 2016

State fiscal impacts of the aging of Coloradans, Colorado Futures, January 2016

Federal Funding in Colorado from the Administration for Community Living

Updated FY2015-2016 Staff Budget Briefing Issue to the JBC Concerning Demographic and Budgetary Trends for the Senior Population, January 2016

CDHS Division of Aging and Adult Services, Mindy Kemp, January 2016

Colorado Population Trends in Aging, Elizabeth Garner, Colorado Department of Local Affairs, 2015

Housing and Transportation, Brad Calvert and Matthew Helfant, DRCOG, December 2015

Housing, Alison George, Colorado Dept of Local Affairs, Division of Housing, December 2015

Papers and Links
Reports to the General Assembly

Strategic Action Plan on Aging, November 2016

Strategic Action Plan on Aging Update, December 2018